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Submission Policy

The provided training data of each challenge may be used for learning the parameters of the algorithms. The test data should be used strictly for reporting the final results compared to competitors on the KITTI website - it must not be used in any way to train or tune systems, for example by evaluating multiple parameter or feature choices and reporting the best results obtained. It is the participants responsability to divide the training set into proper training and validation splits, e.g., using 10-fold cross-validation. The tuned algorithms should then be run only once on the test data.
The evaluation server may not be used for parameter tuning. We ask each participant to upload the final results of their algorithm/paper submission only once to the server and perform all other experiments on the training set. If participants would like to report results in their papers for multiple versions of their algorithm (e.g., parameters or features), this must be done on the training data and only the best performing setting of the novel method may be submitted for evaluation to our server. If comparisons to baselines from third parties (which have not been evaluated on the benchmark website) are desired, please contact us for a discussion.
Important note: It is NOT allowed to register multiple times to the server using different email addresses. We are actively monitoring submissions and we will exclude domains in case this policy is violated. When registering, we ask all participants to provide their full name, institution and institutional email address (e.g., .edu).
KITTI supports open research leading to novel insights and driving forward the community. We will thus delete all leaderboard entries which are older than 12 months and with which no technical paper describing the technique is associated. If a method requires more than 12 months for being published a link to a technical report or Arxiv paper should be provided.


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