Andreas Geiger

LIBICP: C++ Library for Iterative Closest Point Matching

LIBICP (LIBrary for Iterative Closest Point fitting) is a cross-platfrom C++ library with MATLAB wrappers for fitting 2d or 3d point clouds with respect to each other. Currently it implements the SVD-based point-to-point algorithm as well as the linearized point-to-plane algorithm. It also supports outlier rejection and is accelerated by the use of k-d trees as well as a coarse matching stage using only a subset of all points.



We tried to keep dependencies as small as possible, but to get started you are going to need at least:


This code is published under the GNU General Public License.


If you find this software useful or if you use this software for your research, we would be happy if you cite the following related publication, where we used it for registering the ground truth point clouds for the stereo and optical flow benchmarks:
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