Andreas Geiger

LIBLABEL: Lightweight Semantic/Instance Annotation Tool

While I have worked on 3D Traffic Scene Understanding from Movable Platforms (PAMI 2014), I have written a brutally simple MATLAB tool for annotating images with polygons which I wanted to put online long ago. I have written this tool as at the time I haven't found a cross-platform software for polygon annotation which is flexible, easy to configure and can output semantic and instance label maps. The tool is entirely written in MATLAB using less than 400 lines of code. It allows the user to specify semantic classes and the respective colors, add/remove polygons around objects or stuff regions in the image, and supports exporting these polygon files to semantic and instance label maps as illustrated below.



This code is published under the GNU General Public License and requires MATLAB.


This tool has been developed for annotating the semantic information in:
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