Frequently Made Mistakes

This page illustrates good and bad configurations for calibration. Due to small amount of observations, it is important to choos a good setup when calibrating from a single image.

bad: some corners not visible

bad: checkerboards do not fill the image

bad: checkerboards too small and cropped

bad: calibration requires at least 3 boards in different orientations

bad: blurry/noisy and checkerboards do not fill image area

bad: checkerboards too small/far and all with similar orientation

bad: camera too far from checkerboards (do not fill the image)

good: almost all areas filled with >4 different orientations

bad: all checkerboards in same orientation

bad: checkerboards don't fill image area and all same orientation

good: multiple orientations and filling, but more corners would help

bad: blurry and image area not filled by checkerboards

good: all orientations and filling

bad: all checkerboards have same orientation

bad: only one checkerboard present

good: all orientations, but could fill image area a bit more