Andreas Geiger

DALI 2018 Workshop on Autonomous Driving

Over the last decade, autonomous driving has become a hot topic both in academia and industry. This workshop fosters discussion on this topic amongst leading experts in this field: What are the challenges to be addressed for fully autonomous driving in general situations? What are the difficulties in perception, navigation, decision making and AI and how can we overcome them? Which techniques are most promising? Which is the most promising route to autonomous driving? Is autonomous driving an AI complete problem? Which sensors are needed and how can we overcome challenging weather conditions and tackle rare events? When will autonomous cars be ready?


  • Larry Jackel

    Teaching a Car to Drive
  • Subram. Ramamoorthy

    Efficient Algorithms for Safe Motion Planning
  • Ingmar Posner

    Driving Autonomy - Learning to Perceive and to Act
  • Peter Kontschieder

    Map Data at Scale from Images Contributed by Anyone
  • Amnon Shashua

    How to avoid the “Winter of Autonomous Driving”?
  • Stefan Roth

    Motion Estimation: Energy-based models, deep learning, and something in between
  • Angela Schoellig

    Safe Learning-Based Control for Autonomous Driving
  • Andreas Geiger

    How to satisfy the Thirst for Data?

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